Reviews of Reviving the Broken Marionette

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Reviews of the English version

"I can recommend this book. It gives you an overview of the different types of medication and how they can be used to treat ME/CFS and FM. The book can can help you and your doctor to make better informed choices." Johan Mares, read the whole review

"This 350 page, handsomely designed book is clearly a work of love and Maija's commitment to uncovering the last pertinent fact on every possible pharmaceutical treatment is impressive indeed. [...] Not every patient wants to dig through or needs information on all the anti-convulsant drugs, for instance, used in ME/CFS but if you want to learn about the wide variety of pharmaceutical treatments available for CFS -and the options your physician might have missed - this is the book. Five stars." CFS/ME activist Cort Johnson, who maintains the well-known website Phoenix Rising, read the whole review

"I learned more about CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia treatments in this book than I have in my years of scouring the Internet for information. It's all here in one neat and tidy collection. A definitive book on the subject of these illnesses, and definitely one to add to the bookshelf. Highly recommended." CFS/ME patient Andrea Martin, read the whole review

"This book is a must read for anyone dealing with this illness. The Patient Advocate, in his efforts to help his daughter, has consulted this book many, many times. If the PA were to recommend buying one book on ME/CFS, this would be it." The father of a girl with CFS/ME, read the whole review

"Haavisto has provided a comprehensive and well researched tool to help patients, physicians and other health care practitioners understand more about CFS/ME and how to treat it effectively. It is a must read for health care providers." Kathy Quan, RN BSN PHN, author of the books "The Everything New Nurse Book" and "The Everything Guide to Careers in Health Care", read the whole review

"I commend Maija for undertaking this project. It's a useful resource for patients confronted with an unwieldy number of medication treatment options. It's also a great example of making lemonade when life hands you lemons. Maija is a role-model for seeking knowledge and sharing it. Lastly the book shows that improvement is possible and hope is justified." Author of the How To Cope With Chronic Pain blog, a psychiatrist specializing in chronic pain. read the whole review

"A wonderfully useful and comprehensive review of medications & treatments for CFS and fibromyalgia, both traditional and alternative." from an Amazon review, read the whole reviews

"this book is one I will carry with me, written very well, I would have put more words in the index, but one can always find a way to improve or change a book that is so comprehensive as this one." from an Amazon review, read the whole review

"Not only was this a great overview of the many potential treatments out there, but it's empowering to see how much thought and research the author has put into the book. This is a great resource to recommend to doctors (if I could afford it, I'd send a copy of this to every doctor who was less than helpful), and a great springboard for more detailed research yourself about specific treatments you think will work for you." from an Amazon review, read the whole review

"It's mostly an exhaustive review of the treatments for CFIDS/ME and Fibro. It's going with me to my CFIDS doctor next time, along with all the PostIts stuck on the treatments I want to ask him about." from an Amazon review, read the whole review

Reviews of the Finnish version

CFS:n ja fibromyalgian hoito, the Finnish version of the book was reviewed in Finnanest, the journal of the Finnish society of anesthesiologists (anesthesiologists also treat chronic pain). The review is in Finnish, but here is a translated quote:

"I consider the book to be a refreshing inspiration that encourages one to search for studies about these illnesses for further review. Another view also inevitably comes to mind. Maybe the book will also reduce patients' prejudices against the medications we often use for treatment of pain. I recommend browsing the book for doctors working with pain patients to broaden their perspective." Terhi Puhto, MD, Finnanest 4/2010, read the whole review